India's first electrical vehicle manufacturing factory, Shigan Ltd. Gurgaon, Haryana.

Lifeway Solar Products

Lifeway Solar Devices Pvt Ltd. offers new age products and technologies for the new millennium. Solutions those are both affordable and reliable. That transcends the limitations inherent in traditional energy systems, power shortages, pollution and inconsistent quality. Photon seeks to address those niche energy needs that are not required as inadequately serviced by conventional power systems. Photon Solar's Photovoltaic products and systems - lanterns, lighting systems for homes and workplaces, water pumping systems, street lights, power plants etc.

Explore our products

  • Lifeway E-Buggy (4,6,8,11,14 Seater)
    Lifeway E-Buggy
    (4,6,8,11,14 Seater)
  • Solar/ Electric "Thattukada"
    Solar/ Electric "Thattukada"
  • Solar/ Electric Mobile Kitchen "Thattukada"
    Solar/ Electric Mobile Kitchen "Thattukada"
  • Solar/ Electric Mobile Kitchen "Thattukada"
    Solar/ Electric Mobile Kitchen "Thattukada"
  • Garbage Collection Vehicle
    Garbage Collection Vehicle
  • E CART 350 Kg Capacity
    E CART 350 Kg Capacity
  • Electric Catering Vehicle
    Electric Catering Vehicle
  • FRP Solar Passenger Rickshaw
    FRP Solar Passenger Rickshaw
  • Solar MPPT Controller
    Solar MPPT Controller
  • Solar Milking Machine
    Solar Milking Machine
  • Power Generators
    Power Generators
  • Churulan Vallom
    Churulan Vallom
  • Water Heater
    Water Heater
  • Studio Lights
    Studio Lights
  • Traffic Light
    Traffic Light
  • Street Lights
    Street Lights
  • Solar e-Rickshaw
    Solar e-Rickshaw
  • Inverters
  • Photovoltaic Module
    Photovoltaic Module
  • Solar Poultry Incubator(200-500 eggs)
    Solar Poultry Incubator(200-500 eggs)
  • Solar Signboards
    Solar Signboards
  • Power Station
    Power Station
  • LED Lantern
    LED Lantern
  • Shooting Lights
    Shooting Lights
  • DC Fans
    DC Fans
  • Solar Cooking Systems
    Solar Cooking Systems