Single Bucket Milking Machine

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Double Bucket Milking Machine

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Solar Cow Milking Machines

Our goal is to supply good quality machines to farmers with affordable price. Our business strategy is maximum sales with minimum profit so that we can provide quality products with cheaper price without affecting our profit.

» Kerosene engine operated milking machine in no electricity areas
» Petrol for starting and Kerosene engine for running
» Imported Melsty claw and pulsator set
» Stainless steel 25 lit buckets
» Oil free vacuum pump
» 30/40 lit tank for filtering dust and water to increase the life of the vacuum pump
» Installation manual and basic operation manual will be provided
» Best quality with the cheapest price in India
» Warranty available for motor and vacuum pump

Technical Features

» 24V/230 wp photovoltaic module.
» 12V/200 AH battery-Exide.
» 12V/20 Amp charge controller-Phocos.
» 24V/1Hp Dc motor & suction pump.
» Imported clusters, liners, tubing, pulsator etc.
» Control panel with power inductors.
» 10 watt LED light for early morning milking.